Rock N Roll Manifesto 299: For Johnny

Fat HoppyWe lost a great friend, music enthusiast, chat regular and all around die-hard Real Punk Radio supporter, Johnny Stone.

The music plays on in your name, Johnny, but it will never sound quite the same.  Your positive outlook on life and passion for music was inspirational, and your friendship will never be forgotten.

Here’s a couple videos of Johnny playing his ukelele.

About Greg Lonesome

Greg Lonesome is the host of the Rock N Roll Manifesto, a weekly live Internet radio show airing Wednesdays from 7:45-10:00pm Eastern time on Greg is a record collector, music geek, craft beer lover and chiIihead.
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6 Responses to Rock N Roll Manifesto 299: For Johnny

  1. joe kern says:

    thank you…… Johnny was the best friend I ever had. He talked very highly of you. This is Joe (owner of ratbike in your pics). I will miss him so fucking much

  2. Zach Stone says:

    Tommy, I wanted to personally thank you for the shout outs towards my uncle Johnny. My name is Zach Stone. I don’t know if you have heard of me, but I have certainly heard of you. Unc spoke highly of you and was an unconditional supporter of your station and you as a person. I am very grieve stricken over this man. Hard to talk about it and my eyes are welling up writing this to you but I felt the need to express my gratitude for the shout outs and for the time u took with him when he came out to New York. From my family to Real Punk Radio…we love you

  3. Zach Stone says:

    Sorry Greg didn’t mean to leave you out man. Damn emotions anyways, thanks you all of you that knew my uncle and continue to listen to what he has out there, that’s what it’s there for. If you guys have more feel free to share to ny email. Dad found an original 45 with the lyrics… Good find for sure. Unc was always a genuine dude and is extremely missed by many. I appreciated the show you did, truly appreciated it

    • Victoria Baird says:

      Johnny use to play Metellica on his electric guitar when we were together He was so good it’s like I can still hear him playing and I would listen to him and Scott play all time. I really wanted to see him but that didn’t happen. He didn’t change at all. I love the video’s they have posted and way he singing the songs are good just puts a smile on my face. Even though I miss him.

  4. Victoria Baird says:

    Johnny was awesome at alot of things. I went to school with him. Even though I haven’t seen him in like 20 years or more. He will live on in my heart and all the memories we shared.

  5. Victoria Baird says:

    @ Zach Stone I am so sorry. My heart breaks for your family. I’m sorry I keep posting messages on here but I wanted to say it to u. I was thinking it but didn’t write it before. I’m sending prayers to Tim and the rest of the family.

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