Manifesto Awards™

Utterly disgusted with the ludicrous Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and all the other bullshit, record-industry awards and back-patting, Greg Lonesome decided to do his own awards show. They would be something like the anti-Grammys, because they’d be from someone who absolutely loves music, as opposed to a bunch of record-industry blood-suckers. Just like that, the Manifesto Awards were born.

The goal of the Manifesto Awards was to help bring about even more attention to great bands that deserve it- Another way to showcase these great talents out there pouring their heart and soul into these albums and songs that become the soundtrack to our lives.

The first year, there was not a lot of thought put into it. There were very few awards and no digital representation of an award was developed for it. It was just a glorified “top 10” list, after all.

Upon asking listeners their thoughts about whether the Manifesto Awards should continue, the answer was a resounding “yes.” Seriously, like 5 people really said yes.

Since then, the Manifesto Awards have grown into something much larger than originally intended, and serve as bragging rights for underground bands trying their best to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Below is a list of all the Manifesto Awards recipients, by year.


Best Colored Vinyl- Beltones- On Deaf Ears Splatter Vinyl
Best Reissue- Oxymoron- Fuck the Nineties, Here’s Our Noize
Best Rock & Roll Single- Torpedohead- Shanghide
Best Punk EP- Dwarves- Trailer Trash
Best Power Pop/Pop Punk EP- Ex-Gentlemen- Better Late Than Never
Best Roots/Americana EP- Black Eyed Vermillion- Box of Pine
Best Rock N Roll Album- Hits- Hikikomori
Best Punk Album- Miscalculations- Miscalculations
Best Hardcore Album- OFF! Wasted Years
Best Power Pop/Pop Punk Album- The Muffs- Whoop-De-Doo
Best Rockabilly/Psychobilly Album- Memphis Morticians- Bereave it or Not
Best Country Album- Old 97’s- Most Messed Up
Best Comeback Album- The Meatmen- Savage Sagas
Best New Artist- Miscalculations
Album of the Year- Hits- Hikikomori
Lifetime Achievement- Sonny Vincent


Beer of the Year- Otter Creek Overgrown Pale Ale
Best Slab O’wax- Filthy Thieving Bastards- Our Fathers Sent Us (Orange Creamsicle vinyl)
Best Country Song- Beaumonts- Change My Name
Best Metal Song- Venom- The Death of Rock N Roll
Best Pop Punk Song- Teenage Bottlerocket- Dead Saturday
Best Rock N Roll Song- Biters- 1975
Best Punk Rock Song- Disco Lepers- God Bless Mark David Chapman
Best Comeback Album- the Sonics- This is the Sonics
Best Live Album- Off!- Live at the BBC
Best Reissue- Legendary Shack Shakers- Cockadoodledon’t
Lifetime Achievement- Keith Morris
Best Country Album- Palominos- Sweet Misery
Best Hard Rock/Metal Album- Danko Jones- Fire Music
Best Pop Punk Album- The Fuck Off & Dies- Dear Liver
Best Psychobilly Album- Gutter Demons- Unfinished Business
Best Rock N Roll Album- Biters- Electric Blood
Best Punk Rock Album- Miscalculations- A View for Glass Eyes
Best New Artist- the Beggar Belief
Single of the Year- Born Loose- I Loathe You
Album of the Year- Dr. Boogie- Gotta Get Back to NYC
Ass Kicker of the Year- Sangomas- Giddy Up and Destroy


Beer of the Year- Avery- Raja Double IPA
Best Roots/Blues/Folk Song- Preacher Boy- Blister and a Bottle Cap
Best Country Song- Wayne Hancock- Divorced Me C.O.D.
Best Metal Song- Airbourne- Breakin’ Outta Hell
Best Rock N Roll Song- the Jolts- Microwave Kids
Best Punk Song- Gaggers- Don’t Follow Me
Best Power Pop EP- Fashionism- Subculture Suicide
Best Hardcore EP- G.L.O.S.S.- Trans Day of Revenge
Best Streetpunk EP- Legion 76- Brick and Bone
Best Rock N Roll EP- Lovesores- Rock N Roll Animal
Best Punk EP- SA90- Johnny on the Phone
Best Comeback Album- Preacher Boy- The National Blues
Best Roots/Blues/Folk Album- Urban Voodoo Machine- Hellbound Hymns
Best Power Pop Album- Telephone Lovers- Telephone Lovers
Best Ska-Punk Album- Interrupters- Say it Out Loud
Best Hard Rock/Metal Album- Torpedohead- III
Best Hardcore Album- Bum City Saints- Bum City Saints
Best Streetpunk Album- Hard Evidence- Hard Evidence
Best Rock N Roll Album- Fret Rattles- Pedal to the Metal and Damn the Consequences
Best Punk Album- Disco Lepers- Sophisticated Shame
Best Rock N Roll Anthem- the Me-Thinks- Rock Deaf
Best Punk Anthem- 390- I Hate the Government
Lifetime Achievement- Batmobile
Best New Artist- Telephone Lovers
Single of the Year- Jim Jones & the Righteous Mind- Aldecide
Album of the Year- The Jolts- No Paradoxes
Ass Kicker of the Year- SA90- Johnny on the Phone


Best Country Song- Sarah Shook & the Disarmers- Nothin’ Feels Right But Doin’ Wrong
Best Hardcore Song-Bum City Saints- One More Song
Best Rock N Roll Song- JJ & the Real Jerks- Out of My Means
Best Punk Song- Black Mambas- Saturday Night Fist Fight
Best Garage Single- the Judex- Cult of Judex
Best Power Pop Single- Sick Things- Sick Things
Best Rock N Roll Single- Dr. Boogie- She’s So Tuff
Best Punk Single- Zex- No Sanctuary
Best Split Single- Bum City Saints/Topnovil split
Best Streetpunk EP- Legion 76- Banners Fall
Best Punk EP- J.O.N.- Bringing Back the Dough
Best Comeback Album- Cock Sparrer- Forever
Best Live Album- Henri Herbert & the Fury- Live at the Gypsy Hotel
Best Reissue- Ramones- Rocket to Russia 40th Anniversary
Best Country Album- Sarah Shook & the Disarmers- Sidelong
Best Power Pop Album- Bulletproof Lovers- Shot Through the Heart
Best Glam/Pub Rock Album- Crazy Squeeze- Savior of the Streets
Best Hard Rock/Metal Album- Bitch Queens- L.O.V.E.
Best Pyschobilly Album- Batmobile- Brand New Blisters
Best Hardcore Album- Phosphorus Bombs- Cancers
Best Streetpunk Album- Cock Sparrer- Forever
Best Rock N Roll Album- Wyldlife- Out on Your Block
Best Punk Album- John Chopper Harris- Punx & Drunx
Lifetime Achievement- Joey Shithead Keithley
Best New Artist- The Judex
Anthem of the Year- The BC Experiment- FOADUC
Single of the Year- Sick Things- Sick Things
Listener’s Choice Award- Sarah Shook & the Disarmers- Sidelong
Album of the Year- Sarah Shook & the Disarmers- Sidelong
Ass Kicker of the Year- J.O.N.- Bringing Back the Dough


Best Country Song- Stevie Tombstone- At Least I’m Genuine
Best Hardcore Song- Total Massacre- This Dumpster is a Country
Best Rock N Roll Song- The Ringleaders- One Bullet, One Hipster
Best Punk Song- Beggar Belief- Burn it All Down
Best Country Single- Sarah Shook & the Disarmers- The Way She Looked at You
Best Power Pop Single- Telephone Lovers- Two Dollar Baby
Best Streetpunk Single- NOi!SE- Mass Apathy
Best Rock N Roll Single- Tiger Touch- El Gato
Best Punk Single- Ravagers- Drowning in Blood
Best Pop Punk EP- the Suck- the Suck
Best Hardcore EP- Phosphorus Bombs- Blank Slate
Best Punk EP- Criminal Kids- Criminal Kids
Best Collection- Dirty Truckers- Best Of
Best Comeback Album- the Waldos- Wacka Lacka Boom Bop a Loom Bam Boo
Best Country Album- Sarah Shook & the Disarmers- Years
Best Roots/Blues Album- Preacher Boy- The Rumble Strip
Best Garage Album- the Morlocks- the Mesmeric Condition
Best Pop Punk Album- Jagger Holly- Last of the International Playboys
Best Power Pop Album- the Peawees- Moving Target
Best Hard Rock/Metal Album- Hank Von Hell- Egomania
Best Hardcore Album- Total Massacre- Total Massacre
Best Psychobilly Album- Gutter Demons- No God No Ghost No Saints
Best Streetpunk Album- Sniper 66- Annihilator
Best Rock N Roll Album- Lovesores- Gods of Ancient Grease
Best Punk Album- The Wheelz- Top 10 Super Hits
Lifetime Achievement- Scott “Deluxe” Drake
Best New Artist- the Suck
Anthem of the Year- the Filaments- Fuck the Alt-Right
Single of the Year- Amyl & the Sniffers- Some Mutts Can’t Be Muzzled
EP of the Year- Tommy & the Commies- Tommy & the Commies
Listener’s Choice Award- Sick Things- Sick Things
Album of the Year- Sick Things- Sick Things
Ass Kicker of the Year- The Wheelz AND Total Massacre


Best Country Song- Stevie Tombstone- The Ghost of Our Love
Best Power Pop Song- Mystery Girl- Heartbreaker
Best Rock N Roll Song- Poison Boys- Out of My Head
Best Punk Song- Amyl & the Sniffers- GFY
Best Hardcore Song- Total Massacre- Presidential Harassment
Best Glam/Pub Rock Single- Mad Rollers- I Need Your Love
Best Punk Single- the Unknowns- Dressed to Kill
Best Rock N Roll Single- Tiger Touch- Hawthorne Boogie
Best Garage EP- Forsooth!- Dimension Flex
Best Rock N Roll EP- Killer Hearts- Killer Hearts
Best Street Punk EP- Priorities- Priorities
Best Punk EP- C.O.F.F.I.N.- Be Gone
Best Hard Rock/Metal EP- Charger- Charger
Best Live Album- Beaumonts- This is Austin
Best Comeback Album- The Manikins- Hard Times
Best Roots/Folk Album- Bridge City Sinners- Here’s to the Devil
Best Garage Album- Cutthroat Brothers- Taste for Evil
Best Pop Punk Album- the Suck- In-Cog-Neat-O
Best Streetpunk Album- Hard Evidence- Last Gasp
Best Glam Rock Album- Indonesian Junk- Spiderbites
Best Power Pop Album- Jordan Jones- Jordan Jones
Best Rock N Roll Album- Bitch Queens- City of Class
Best Punk Album- Berlin Blackouts- Nastygram Sedition
Best Hardcore Album- Total Massacre- the System Works
Best New Artist- Sick Bags
Song of the Year- Miscalculations- Monochrome Sunset
Single of the Year- Mad Rollers- I Need Your Love
EP of the Year- SA90- Overkill
Listener’s Choice Award- Amyl & the Sniffers- Amyl & the Sniffers
Album of the Year- Total Massacre- the System Works
Asskicker of the Year- Manikins- Bad Times


Best Power Pop Song- Reflectors- Baby It’s You
Best Garage Song- Killer Kin- Bad, Bad Mind
Best Pop Punk Song- Real Sickies- Washed My Hands
Best Rock N Roll Song- Killer Hearts- Get Some
Best Punk Song- Gross Polluter- Just Here for the Violence
Best Glam Rock Single- Smash Fashion- Got Da Hee Bee Gee Bees (at CBGBs)
Best Power Pop EP- Brad Marino- False Alarm
Best Punk EP- Sick Bags- Only the Young Die Good
Best Split EP- Rock N Roll Manifesto 7″ Single Series Vol. 1
Best Split Album- Thee Evil Twin/Missile Studs- 10 Piece Feed
Best Roots/Blues Album- The Westside Sheiks- Eleven Rounds
Best Garage Album- Low Rats- Year of the Rat MMXX
Best Glam Rock Album- Nice Guys- Time to Be Nice
Best Pop Punk Album- Proton Packs- Paradox
Best Streetpunk Album- Oil!- Really Skrewed Up
Best Hardcore Album- Ramallah- the Last Gasp of Street Rock N Roll
Best Rock N Roll Album- Deathtraps- Stole Your Rock N Roll
Best Punk Album- Stolen Wheelchairs- the America
Best New Artist- Brand New Luddites and Vicious Dreams
Song of the Year- Preacher Boy- The Damned (So Many More of Us Than Them)
Listener’s Choice Single of the Year- The Judex-  Midnight Bruiser
Single of the Year- the Judex- Witch Coven Boogie
Listener’s Choice EP of the Year- Rock N Roll Manifesto 7″ Single Series Vol. 1
EP of the Year- The Judex- Long Live the Judex
Listener’s Choice Album of the Year- Stolen Wheelchairs- the America
Album of the Year- Miscalculations- Perfect Candidate
Asskicker of the Year- Sangomas- Nowhere Ain’t Too Far From Here

2021 Nominees (So far- more to come! Have suggestions? Let me know!)

Best Garage Song- Killer Kin – Sonic Love
Best Power Pop Song- Some Hearts – Black Cherry Soda
Best Synth Punk Song- Atomic Eater – Hope You Die Too
Best Garage Single- Killer Kin- Sonic Love
Best Hardcore Single- Total Massacre – Punching Up
Best Power Pop Single- Erratix – You Don’t Care
Best Split EP- Kool & the Gang Bangers/Atomic Eater
Best Hardcore EP- Chain Whip – Two Step to Hell EP
Best Roots/Blues EP- Preacher Boy – Six From Three EP
Best Power Pop EP Some Hearts – Some Hearts EP
Best Streetpunk EP- Oi!L Change – Voices of the Past EP
Best Rock N Roll EP- Judex- Snake Charmer Twist EP
Best Rock N Roll EP- Judex- Voodoo MacBeth EP
Best Rock N Roll EP- RMBLR – MF EP
Best Punk EP- Kool & the Gang Bangers- Year of the Kool EP
Best Punk EP- Dead Meat- Dead Meat II
Best Punk EP- The Prostitutes – Shapeshift EP
Best Instrumental Album- the Hamiltones – Dracula Invitational 1791
Best Reissue- 7 Seconds – The Crew
Best Live Album- Hits – Live in a Fucking Blizzard
Best Roots/Blues Album- Bridge City Sinners- Unholy Hymns
Best Roots/Blues Album- Paul-Ronney Angel – London Texas Lockdown
Best Roots/Blues Album- Sturgill Simpson – Cuttin’ Grass Vol. 2
Best Power Pop Album- Mystery Girl – Mystery Girl
Best Rock N Roll Album- Killer Hearts – Skintight Electric
Best Rock N Roll Album- The Limit – Caveman Logic
Best Rock N Roll Album- Pat Todd & the Rankoutisders – … There’s Pretty Things in Palookaville
Best Rock N Roll Album- Sonny Vincent – Snake Pit Therapy
Best Hardcore Album- X-Intruder – Punished for the Crime of Lacking in Judgement
Best Punk Album- Infamous Stiffs – Die for the Sound
Best Punk Album- Missile Studs – With Love From the
Best Punk Album- the Suck – Boris Sprinkler
Best Punk Album- Jimmy Vapid – Killmatic
Best Punk Album- Chubby and the Gang- the Mutt’s Nuts
Best Punk Album- Amyl & the Sniffers- Comfort to Me
Song of the Year- Some Hearts- Black Cherry Soda
Song of the Year- Killer Hearts- Dynamite Tramp
Album of the Year- Killer Hearts- Skintight Electric
Album of the Year- Sonny Vincent- Snake Pit Therapy