March 14, 2021 Update: All of you Manifesto Maniacs can visit the Rock N Roll Manifesto merch page over at Bandcamp where you will find t-shirts, glow in the dark slip mats for your turntable, Lonesome Kings merch and digital plus future releases and more. Pre-order for Lonesome Kings shirts go up very soon.

If you perhaps wanted a skate deck, you could visit my Boardpusher site where I put up a Manifesto deck and a Lonesome Kings deck.

The Rock N Roll Manifesto 7″ Series Vol. I is sold out here at RNRM HQ but you can still buy copies from most of the other parties involved. Supplies are limited.

Tiger Touch are from Portland, Oregon. Order Here.

Fret Rattles are from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Order Here.

JJ & the Real Jerks are from Los Angeles, California. Order Here.

The Missile Studs are in Adelaide, Australia. Order Here.

Stamp Out Disco are from Sydney, Australia. Order Here.



2 Responses to Merch

  1. Bill Cole says:

    Hey Greg!

    Been enjoying your shows. Do you have any Med. T-shirts left? …. Thanks!

  2. John Clarke says:

    Love the show. Download the Podcasts so there can be a little RnR Manifesto is Aus! Keep up the great work Mate.

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