The Rock N Roll Manifesto 7″ Series Vol. I is now available for pre-order! These will officially be released on September 1st. I urge you to order direct from the bands or Stamp Out Disco so they can make their money back.

Tiger Touch are from Portland, Oregon. Order Here.

Fret Rattles are from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Order Here.

JJ & the Real Jerks are from Los Angeles, California. Order Here.

The Missile Studs are in Adelaide, Australia. Order Here.

Stamp Out Disco are from Sydney, Australia. Order Here.

If you still want to order a copy of the 7″ from me, or you are looking for Manifesto t-shirts or anything else, the Rock N Roll Manifesto merch page is over at Bandcamp.

2 Responses to Merch

  1. Bill Cole says:

    Hey Greg!

    Been enjoying your shows. Do you have any Med. T-shirts left? …. Thanks!

  2. John Clarke says:

    Love the show. Download the Podcasts so there can be a little RnR Manifesto is Aus! Keep up the great work Mate.

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