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I do the Manifesto because I love music and I love to share it with people. It’s not a job, and I don’t get paid for it. However, I do spend a lot of money to bring you, the listener, a constant supply of kick ass music.

If you like the show and want to support it, please consider leaving a tip. If you love the show, maybe consider signing up for a recurring monthly donation. All tips go toward buying records and beer and are tremendously appreciated.

Thank you!

Click the big “Tip the DJ” button below to leave a tip.

2 Responses to Tip the DJ

  1. Kliff Ritz says:

    Show is kickin’ tonight!

  2. Tim Nicholls says:

    Hi mate,

    Just a quickie to say thanks for your show……I’m a late comer to this show but really really enjoy it.

    I really dig your enthusiasm for the music and the people who play and listen to it. The review of beers is classic and I love how you appreciate beers so much and review with passion. I have to look thru and see if there are some I want to try and copy, when I make a brew 🙂

    Thanks for the addition of music from Australia, both old and new…its great to hear.

    I threw a couple of dollars your way.

    Hope you continue for a long time to come.



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