Show Yourselves

Always great to see people with their Manifesto gear. If you have a Manifesto shirt, send me a pic of your ugly mug wearing it! If you have a Manifesto beer glass, send me a pic of you drinking a beer out of it! If you have a Manifesto sticker somewhere, send me a pic of that. Thanks!

The Man, the Myth, the Legend: Preacher Boy!

Sarah Shook and the Disarmers

Jeff from Epitaph Records and Total Massacre, one of the greatest hardcore bands of all time!

Tony the Great

Tom and Tony

Tony’s truck

Teddy Spaghetty of the great Spaghetty Town Records.

Brandon and the late J. Roni Moe of the Urban Voodoo Machine!

Brandon’s truck with an “I Support the Rock N Roll Manifesto so my Record Collection Doesn’t Suck” sticker! First picture I’ve seen of one in the wild.

Alex Fast and Scott “Deluxe” Drake from the Lovesores. Cheers, guys!

Scott “Deluxe” Drake

Scott Drake

From Scott “Deluxe” Drake

Alex Fast

Daniel James of Indonesian Junk

The Problem from the Suck.

Scot from Minnesota having a Beer Minute of his own.

Tommy Unit

Real Punk Radio’s very own Tommy Unit of Tommy Unit Live, on stage with his band the F-Units representing NYC


Torpedohead sporting Manifesto and Real Punk Radio shirts in the studio.

Another one from Torpedohead!

Flight Case

Highland Park Bar Scene- Los Angeles - March 31, 2015


Dan from the Ex-Gentlemen and his DJ flight case.

Pete from Michigan at a Beer Fest, no less!



Ed from Nashville, TN and a sticker he placed.


Daniela from Brazil. Luchador mask!!


Michael from Germany.


Johnny from Michigan. RIP, Johnny.

Johnny Turntable

Johnny’s turntable


A ratbike sent in by Johnny

Benny BM

Benny Dorit

Benny from Germany having a Beer Minute of his own, with Nick from Loaded, and posing with his lovely wife Dorit and handsome baby boy!

Tim from Oz
Tim from Australia with a killer Rose Tattoo poster!

Tim with the Chats!

Brent representin’ Real Punk Radio and the Manifesto!




Some stickers in Portland sent in by Steven


From George

Spite Classic sent this pic of his messenger bike in from Canada

Postman Wayne’s ride.

Now for some pics of folks in the older style shirts:

Benny and Jim

Benny from Germany with Jim Jeffries


(Furious) George from NJ


Thomas from Germany


Jerry from Georgia


Caz, formerly of the Revelevens


Tawney from California

Lovely Wife

Last, but certainly not least- my lovely wife, Mrs. Lonesome, standing in the RnR Manifesto studio.

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