T-shirts are available NOW! Unfortunately, Paypal has changed things and I can no longer create buttons to buy stuff as I did before. If you’d like a shirt, please email me with your size and address and I’ll get back to you. Shirts are $15.00 plus shipping. $5.00 shipping inside the US. $10-$20 shipping outside the US.

Slipmats for your turntable are here! These are $10.00 plus $3.00 shipping inside the US. $5-$10 shipping outside the US. Email me if you want one!

3 Responses to Merch

  1. Bill Cole says:

    Hey Greg!

    Been enjoying your shows. Do you have any Med. T-shirts left? …. Thanks!

  2. John Clarke says:

    Love the show. Download the Podcasts so there can be a little RnR Manifesto is Aus! Keep up the great work Mate.

  3. Postman-Wayne says:

    Love the podcast and the slipmat looks great on the turntable

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