Rock N Roll Manifesto 157: Cover Your Ass 3

FestinaThe Manifesto is back with another installment of Cover Your Ass, original songs backed with cover versions- some straight, some completely different. You may like the original better, or maybe the cover. Either way, I hope you dig the stuff I’ve picked out, and I’ll be back live next week.

Sorry for the crappy beer picture, my wife has the camera.

Just realized that I played a set of songs that I’ve played before in the Cover Your Ass series, so I edited them out, which will make the episode slightly shorter than it would have been. Damn my brain!


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Greg Lonesome is the host of the Rock N Roll Manifesto, a weekly live Internet radio show airing Wednesdays from 8-10:00pm Eastern time on Greg is a record collector, music geek, craft beer lover and chilehead. He is also the host of the Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor on Thumbin' Radio.
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  1. Steve L. says:


    I have been listening to all the podcasts from number 1. I just finished #57, the Lieber and Scoller episode back in August 2011. That is one my favorites so far. My wife and I loved going back and listening to those great songs. Keep up the great work, Man, it’s an awesome show!! Thanks.

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