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Did you ever buy a compilation CD where there’d be like one or two good songs and the rest would suck? That won’t happen here. 27 absolute killers. Previously unreleased tracks from the Lovesores, Hard Evidence, JJ & the Real Jerks and the Ex-Gentlemen. Need more? How about the Joneses, Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders, the Crazy Squeeze and Dr. Boogie? That barely scratches the surface. There’s 19 more bands from glam to hardcore, power pop to punk rock.

That’s right, Manifesto Mix Tape Vol. 2 has arrived, and it’s an absolute monster! 27 bands. Over an hour of music. All killer, no filler. You couldn’t pay for a better compilation, and this one is FREE! Get it over at Real Punk Radio.

If you’re of a certain age, you probably either shared music with your friends by making mix tapes, or they made mix tapes for you. Eventually, that may have evolved into making mix CDs. For me, that evolution continued on to podcasting and ultimately, live radio.

On this, the third, free-download compilation from the Rock N Roll Manifesto, Manifesto Mix Tape Vol. 1 celebrates the art of making the mix tapes of yesteryear, compiling 16 killer tracks by 15 bands from almost as many genres.

So, download Manifesto Mix Tape Vol. 1, get turned on to some new favorites, discover some classics and then, share the link and tell all your friends. After all, great music shouldn’t be kept secret, it was meant to be shared.

Don’t forget to give the bands a “like” or a “follow” and buy their records.

TSNHARCTSFREE digital download! The Rock N Roll Manifesto delivers another free-download compilation filled with long-time staples of the show along with some new favorites. “Thou Shalt Not Have a Record Collection That Sucks,” brings you glam, punk, rock & roll, power pop, hardcore and more from 16 bands, all guaranteed to instantly improve your record collection. Don’t wait, download now!



For over 3 and a half years the Rock N Roll Manifesto has been known for bringing quality rock n roll, punk rock, hardcore, psychobilly and more to you on a weekly basis.

Now, for the first time ever, I’ve rounded up some of the killer bands I play on the show and put together a free download compilation… And what a compilation it is!

I started this project in mid November, thinking I could probably find enough bands to put together something cool. I had no idea what it would become. The result is far beyond what I ever even dreamed that I’d be able to achieve, and I’m extremely grateful to all the bands who agreed to be on it.

I’m equally as grateful to all of the folks who take time out of their busy schedules to listen to the Rock N Roll Manifesto every week. I hope you will all find this compilation as ass-kicking as I do.

The sign off for the Rock N Roll Manifesto for quite a long time has been, “…if your record collection sucks, it’s not my fault.” It seemed only fitting, then, that the compilation be titled, “If Your Record Collection Still Sucks, it’s REALLY Not My Fault,” because it will instantly make your music collection better.

So, what are you waiting for? Download it, crank it up and break stuff!

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  1. Victor Horne says:

    I don’t listen to your show live, (I live in Austin, Tx) but just listened to #220, it was so great to hear the Vibrators! They come to Austin every year and it’s so killer to hear them out there on the waves!

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