Rock N Roll Manifesto 82: Overtime!

Nugget Nectar

Nugget Nectar

Overtime! This episode of the Rock N Roll Manifesto was 3 full hours of music. I can’t guarantee it will be as good as last week’s episode with Stevie Tombstone, but as I said during the show, what I lack in quality, I made up for in quantity. Ha! Songs were all over the map as usual, with a bunch of requests, band submissions and much more! I got news that Gentleman Matt will be joining me for another episode of the Rock N Roll Manifesto Beer Show on March 7th, and I’m also taking orders for RnR Manifesto t-shirts. If you have any interest in buying a shirt (cheap!), drop me a message either on FB or via email (rnrmanifesto[at]gmail[dot]com) and let me know what size you want, by Thursday evening, Eastern Time, so I can send the order in by Friday. I will try to get a couple extra of different sizes in case people don’t listen to the podcast in time. Alright, enjoy the show!!


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Greg Lonesome is the host of the Rock N Roll Manifesto, a weekly live Internet radio show airing Wednesdays from 8-10:00pm Eastern time on Greg is a record collector, music geek, craft beer lover and chilehead. He is also the host of the Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor on Thumbin' Radio.
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